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Updated Android App for download starting today

Please download updated application for FREE----- http://www.mediafire.com/?94xpqmm2kkmkf67. Watch out for more updates in our Android App. Just downl...


Additional Income Potential for new Products!

More Good News! With the new add-ons: products and opportunities, additional income in the unilevel program shall be included for SpeedyNet members! V...


Speedy PowerTech, another New Sister Company!

Introducing our new technology sister company, Speedy Power Tech Inc.! All updated gadgets are right here! A wholesaler company for direct selling onl...


New Products- Butane Gas Stove and Butane Gas Canister

A new way of living for those who loves to go outside and cook or just plainly have a cheaper way of cooking at home! Go and click our Products tab at...


SpeedyNet Android Application!

Good News! Announcing our Android Mobile Application! This application shall make your SpeedyLoad and Smart Padala Businesses easier and more convenie...


SPEEDY LOAD & MERCHANDISING NETWORK, INC. is your first step in realizing a better and brighter future for YOU, your FAMILY, your COMMUNITY and our COUNTRY. At SPEEDY NETWORK, we will bring out the entrepreneur in every Filipino who dares to dream of an abundant and prosperous life for themselves and their families.

Our vast array of quality products, services and revolutionary business system specifically designed to engender a healthy and wealthy Filipino lifestyle will guarantee you FINANCIAL & TIME FREEDOM. Your drive to succeed and commitment to improving the lives of your loved ones are your investment to your dream future.

This initial investment once nurtured will inspire health and wellness awareness in your immediate sphere of influence and eventually propel the entire community to embrace a healthy way of living and aspire for financial independence as well.

Together united, let us start inspiring health and wealth in our community to eventually foster and build a fit, vibrant, and prosperous nation.


We are a forward-looking company that nurtures the well-being of people from all walks of life, enables them to boost their income capacity, and spell the difference for employees through a wide range of opportunities for livelihood.

We envision, on a sustainable basis, to be a partner of government in contributing to national development through highly productive and economically empowered citizens.

We believe that corporate social responsibility is a way of life as we not only generate revenue but resources as well to assist children who cannot afford education, and lend support to other noteworthy undertakings.